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1. Current Production Environment

Investing in your business is a crucial part of future success. When investing specifically in capital equipment one of the key objectives is proving the Return on Investment. Our ROI calculator will provide an initial comparison based on labor savings.

Start by entering your current production details.

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2. Extreme Seam Production Environment

Not sure what your ROI is on purchasing a new Miller Weldmaster machine? This ROI calculator is the first step to providing a quick analysis of how a new Miller Weldmaster machine can save your company time and money.

Need help filling this section out? Please contact your sales representative if you do not already know the number of employees you will need to be efficient and effective with your new Miller Weldmaster machine.

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3. Financials

We work with multiple finance companies that have multiple options to help you grow your business. These calculations are estimates only. If you would like more information on financing, please let us know.


We understand that investing in new equipment is a major business decision, but you won’t do it alone. We are here every step of the way. We hope this Return on Investment provided you and your business with the quick analysis needed in pursuing the decision to invest in your business.

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Machine Cost
Pay Off (based on labor savings)
Because this is based on labor savings only there is no payoff calculated. You are producing more output with the same amount of labor.

Labor Cost Savings Per Day

Labor Cost Savings Per Month (22 Days)

Labor Cost Savings Per Year (264 Days)

Production Per Day

Production Per Month (22 Days)

Production Per Year (264 Days)